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2057 Blake Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039


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Artist Residencies

Vancouver, CAN : 9/20-9/24

Brooklyn, NY: 10/15-10/20

Portland, OR: 11/26 + 11/27

San Francisco, CA: 2/19-2/22

Nashville, TN: March 2019 TBA

Austin, TX: April 2019 TBA

Brooklyn, NY: May 2019 TBA


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PS. If you are booking for my SF pop-up dates ( 2/19-2/22) due to time limitations I will only be able to tattoo arms & legs
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My minimum starts at $150.00 and it goes up from there depending on the piece ( detail, size, time, etc.)  

Curious about my Hand-Poking and booking process? press this link