what is hand-poking?

Hand-Poking is a machine- free technique of tattooing. This method is the more primitive form, meaning there is no tattoo gun involved in making the permanent art ( it's literally Hand-made). The concept is the same; dip the needle into ink, puncture the skin, and repeat! The materials used are also the same; sterile tattoo needles, tattoo ink, gloves, etc. 




The most notable difference is that the process is slower. Typically the tattoos are more delicate, and display charming imperfections because they're made by my hand! ( ^ this info applies to my style, However, there are other Hand-Poke tattoo artists with varying styles.)



Is it safe?



The materials I use are all single use and sterilized. 





What kind of ink do you use?

I use a high-grade, organic, vegan Japanese tattoo ink.

Do you use color?

Just red & black ink.

Do you do the same design twice?

I never repeat custom designs, and I rarely repeat flash designs ( unless it's really simple). If you are into a piece I have done before I can work on it with you to make it your own! 

Where can I find all your flash designs?

Go to the main menu and press “Flash”

What does the booking process entail? 

This process is really collaborative! You tell me what you are thinking, and I draw some designs for you.

When booking a session I ask for a deposit. Once I receive the deposit,  I send you sketches with quotes attached.

We are in communication via email until the piece is exactly what you are envisioning.

I am very transparent about my rate, and you will know exactly the price of your tattoo before you come into the studio. 




Are you on a budget?

There's a sliding scale to make this art as accessible as it should be, but I don't go below $200.00 as it is my minimum.

When booking please inform me if you have a budget. This makes it easier for me to draw something that's appropriate for the given rate.


Will you be in my city soon?

I'm currently in Los Angeles, but I'd love to know where you'd like me to visit!

Vancouver, CA: September 20th-24th 2018

Brooklyn, NY: October 15th-17th 2018

Portland, OR: November 26th, 27th 2018

San Francisco, CA: February 19th-22nd 2019

Mexico City, Mexico: April 11th-13th 2019

Brooklyn, NY: May 6th-10th 2019